Nevada Samoyed Rescue

Aroooo~~~ and Welcome!


AKC Standard Samoyed      S. NV Samoyed Rescue is based in {Clark County}, Las Vegas, NV

     I'm a lover of Samoyeds who has been saving dogs since 1997. (Over 100!) I save Samoyeds (pure and mixed) from the shelter or I take in unwanted Samoyeds from owners.

I AM NOW RETIRED FROM RESCUE. I don't have any dogs.

Samoyeds are not that common here.  In the past few years, the number of dogs I have had to rescue has become zero.  Samoyeds do appear in California, but the rescuer groups in the south and north do not adopt 300 miles outside of their area.

Your search for a samoyed might take you to one of the other Western states and beyond. Here's how...

     You can always check Craigslist for your area or miles away.

 Please visit OR OR OR

to see other dogs that need a home. 

I can't recommend this highly enough! :-)


     Another place I recommend is Y Not Save a Sam out of northern Utah. They import saved dogs from Korea and adopt for about $500. You can find them on Facebook.

     Yes, you can search these places yourself, every day OR set up automatic daily emails to come to you.

  Please do not contact me about puppies, I don't have any. Sorry.

Try finding reputable breeders. Contact the Samoyed Club of America.

If you need help re-homing your dog (*picture required) or some other assistance, please email me. (link below)

Note:  For re-homing, it helps if you can keep the dog until I find a new home. 

~This page is dedicated in memory of KC who led me to save Samoyeds. ~ and in memory of the ones I adopted myself:  Justin, Josie, Joey, Kody, Gabriel, Jody, Lancelot, Oggie Doggie.



Contact Me

 Click [HERE] to send me an email.  However, do not write me looking for a Samoyed.

I don't have any. 

You need to do your own searching with the methods explained above.



Don't Shave Your Sam unless for serious health results