Nevada Samoyed Rescue

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AKC Standard Samoyed      S. NV Samoyed Rescue is based in {Clark County}, Las Vegas, NV

     I'm a lover of Samoyeds who has been saving dogs since 1997. (Over 100!) I save Samoyeds (pure and mixed) from the shelter or I take in unwanted Samoyeds from owners. I foster these sweet and loving dogs until they are adopted. In many cases, these are not show quality or pure bred dogs. Sometimes, their past is unknown. They need a new start in life. Could you be that forever home they are looking for? An application and home visit will be required.

currently available in Las Vegas - another rescue group has this dog:

      As of today, I  HAVE NO AVAILABLE SAMOYEDS. 

     When I do, they will be listed here.  BUT, they are rarely available.  Samoyeds are not that common here.  In the past few years, the number of dogs I have had to rescue has become zero.  Samoyeds do appear in California, but the rescuer groups in the south and north do not adopt 300 miles outside of their area.

     I no longer have a waiting list.  Your search for a samoyed might take you to one of the other Western states and beyond. Here's how...

     You can always check Craigslist for your area or miles away.

     Please visit OR to see other dogs that need a home.  I can't recommend this highly enough! :-)

     The link below will show you all of the samoyeds listed at petfinder and how many miles away they are from Las Vegas.  Please read the individual ads to learn about their adoption requirements.

Petfinder list of samoyeds

     Another place I recommend is Y Not Save a Sam out of northern Utah. They import saved dogs from Korea and adopt for about $500.

Y Not Save A Sam

     For local shelters is Pet Harbor. <click link  You can set up search results to be emailed to you daily.

     Yes, you can search these places yourself, every day OR set up automatic daily emails to come to you.

     Read below about Puppies.  Note:  Please do not contact me about puppies, I don't have any. Sorry.

If you need help re-homing your dog (*picture required) or some other assistance, please email me. (link below)

Note:  For re-homing, it helps if you can keep the dog until I find a new home. 

~This page is dedicated in memory of KC who led me to save Samoyeds. ~ and in memory of the ones I adopted myself:  Justin, Josie, Joey, Kody, Gabriel, Jody, Lancelot, Oggie Doggie.


The Basics:

~Usually medium sized - 45 to 65 lbs, can be as large as 100 lbs.
~All shots given, neutered/spayed
~Micro chipped to Samoyed Rescue
~Great companions, and a good kids dog
~Beautiful fur, usually pure white, but can also be "biscuit"
~Famous for their "Smile"
~Average adoption fee: $200, to reimburse costs to rescuer.
Dogs have shots, are micro chipped, characteristics are known, already spayed/neutered,food expense while being fostered...etc. What a deal! Decided case by case.


When you own a Samoyed you have a friend for life. The affectionate Samoyed thrives on companionship.
The alert Samoyed will easily adapt to any environment and is equally happy living in a house or an apartment given plenty of required exercise.
Samoyeds have a fluffy white coat which sheds a great deal.
They are meant to be companion dogs. They usually are not good as Watch Dogs.
However, since they are a 'working class' dog, they can: herd, pull weight (like a sled), run obstacle courses (they are smart), and alert you to the presence of others. You could say, the breed is 'a jack of all trades.'

About Puppies...

Thanks for your interest in wanting to adopt a rescued Samoyed. To be honest with you, puppies RARELY come into rescue. I NEVER HAVE PUPPIES.

I would suggest visiting and looking there for a Samoyed. Quite often, they are very available in California. Again, there very rarely would be PUPPIES.

If you insist on a puppy, be careful of PUPPY MILLS and Backyard Breeders. This includes the pet stores! Please do not support them, their dogs end up having health problems or are not bred with the best of Samoyed characteristics. (I know, several have come into my rescue over the years.) The parents are bred, almost literally to death. A breeder who truly loves her dogs will not sell them to a pet store and she will not sell them without thoroughly interviewing her applicants.

If you could accept adopting a young or adult Samoyed, the availability greatly increases. From my experience, dogs past puppy stage are totally trainable. I and other rescuers and my clients have done it! So give those older dogs a chance, you won't regret it. Just so you know, Samoyeds usually live to be 13. Are you ready for that lifetime commitment? Good!

Thanks again and keep checking my web page for available Samoyeds!

Try finding reputable breeders. Contact the Samoyed Club of America.


How to Adopt

A note about applications: I get to know you better and make sure
that I have a match between the dog I have and your home.
(I can always refer you to other rescue groups.)
To get the form, please email me. 
However, I do not require an application unless I have a dog you are interested in. 
Just ask to be added to my waiting list

Something you should know...

I usually adopt out to homes only in the western United States. (CA, NV, UT, AZ, OR).

I can arrange for transportation, although, it is not that simple!  If you can drive here, that is the best option.

Of primary concern:

Do you know anything about owning a samoyed?
Do all the members of your household agree to adopting a dog?
Do you have permission from your landlord?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If you cannot answer yes to ALL of the above questions, then it is likely that an adoption will not occur.

A Few Things to Think About:

Will you train your dog? How are your kids with pets? Did you clear it with your spouse, your landlord, your HOA, your parents? When you move or divorce or have a baby or the kids move out or you graduate from school or whatever big change occurs in your life, will the dog be a part of it? Can you make the over 10 year commitment? Dogs live as long as 15 years!

Think it over carefully.... We rescuers are committed to our dogs. We want FOREVER homes for them.

Adoption Process

Sometimes I have more than one applicant for the dog. I do my best to provide the right match. But I also know that more than one applicant could be the right one for the dog. Therefore, the applicant that provides all the information I need and makes the arrangements to visit the dog, that is the applicant who will get first chance at adoption. If you are not first, I will add you to my waiting list. You are next if the dog is returned, or, there is another available dog you are interested in.


1 application
2 interview by phone
3 home visit, or in case of long distance, pictures of your home sent to me, and/or a visit with either a nearby rescue group representative or animal control agent.
4 appointment to meet the dog
5 adoption

Contact Me

-ask a question
-join the waiting list
-fill out an application

Click [HERE] to send me an email.

Don't Shave Your Sam unless for serious health results